The Current, 2008

The Gardes, self-titled, Willie Cry Records

The Current, OK, circa June, 2008

In the ever-changing world of music it seems more and more that musicians are gaining notoriety by what would have seemed like unorthodox methods just a few years ago. With the simple click of a button people can enter the World Wide Web and listen to hundreds of thousands of artists they have never seen nor heard of before. Because of this, musicians are able to control more, if not all of the musical creativity that goes into their albums. While this may not be the entire case for the Ponca City indie-pop outfit the Gardes, this definitely helps. On their latest album aptly named the Gardes, these four young men offer up a list of 12 songs that will force you to ask yourself the question, “How have I not heard of these guys?” The Gardes are made up of Brett Horton, Aaron Siemers, Tanner Blair and Jim Gorton and between the four of them a sound is created that is sometimes reminiscent of Dylan, other times late 60’s country rock or oddly enough something that could have been inspired by a street musician somewhere in the Ukraine. This may sound like an odd mixture of musical ingredients, but these guys somehow bring it all together into a crowd pleasing sound that is entirely their own. This disc features an array of vastly different and equally interesting songs that you can’t help but want to dance to. For example, the kazoo laden polka number, “Pyromania Is For Lovers” will have you laughing with warbling lyrics like “I wanna start a fire in your pinky toe, so we can take it fast and not slow.” The tune also features a remarkable homage to the Oscar Meyer commercial we all grew up loving during the bridge of the song. Another stand-out song, “Hands Keep Running Around,” laments the stress of the fast forward world we are all living in with lyrics like “Seems like I’ve been moving so fast that I keep coming in last.” I think we all can relate to that. The album closes with a heart warming ditty entitled “Stay Close To Your Roots.” It’s a poppy homage that seems to be inspired by the likes of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. The song conveys a message about having the guts to go out into the world and explore, while always keeping the presence of mind to remember and honor where you came from. Every song on the disc is relatable to the day to day things we all feel and makes it seem like it was made just for you. The album is available through the band’s myspace page: or available for order from:

-Scott Batie