Latest Song Here:

Apologies for being a day or two late a few times on this “every other Thursday series,” but here is the latest installment.  Will try to get back on the regular pace now.

All In The Week~

Sometimes you’re always rushing and barely or not making it to places in time… Such as this post came a few days late, but, nevertheless, it arrived.  This is the 2nd late song so far in the series, the first late one being a mere less than 24 hours late.  These things happen.  There will be an extra song added this Thurs., the shortened version of All In The Week, in between the regular  more or less every other week schedule.

Song Series 7, 6th song off the new album:

Newest Song~

# 5 in the continuing Song Series… Airs for Ears?  4th song from the newest album, being released one tune at at time.